Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Random Moments in Time

Initially, I was without a digital camera for this project. However, my good friend Shawn saved this project (and my grade) by saying, "I have a camera you can use!"

On my "Artist's Date" day, I learned how to plant vegetables. Shawn demonstrated the techniques of gardening. She showed me two baby bell peppers, which gave me an idea of how the vegetables would look as young plants.

As I began to become more familiar with the camera, I took photographs of my surroundings. Rather, snapshots of particular objects at a certain time -- the moments may never happen again.

Artwork at the job:

"Captured moments of the sky"
On my way home from work, here's how the clouds appeared before a storm:

Just how the sky appeared above, I felt the same way when trying to create my blog. Nevertheless, I received help from my daughter, and then, I began to see the sun shine...

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